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On February 3rd of this year, 2023, I took my first dose of Ozempic for weight loss.

I’ve had extra weight all my life. I remember being called “Biggest Ass in the Class” in elementary school. In a picture from our grade 7 dance I was kneeling in the front line and you could see that I had the widest knees in all my class. Everybody looked like twigs beside me.

However, later on in high school (grade 10-12) I had a hard time eating enough and my weight fell to 92lbs and I felt unhealthy when it did. I just never remembered to eat until I started to feel feint. During that time I didn’t eat except for a medium McDonald’s fry at lunch most week days and half my dinner at night, plus many, many diet cokes during the day. I could eat half a cheesecake and not gain an ounce. I was never an athletic type and had all kinds of sedentary hobbies: reading, journaling, watching movies & tv, etc. I just never felt hungry enough to forge for food until it was serious.

At age 21, I began antidepressants. I’ve said many times, it’s like the antidepressants helped me find my hunger. Within the first year of taking them I had gained 80lbs – almost another whole me. It was like I was hungry all the time, even after I’d just had something to eat. I felt like I was chasing flavors. This one, now that one, and now this other one….

I was 38 the only other time I was a healthy weight. I had joined Arbonne and did their low glycemic, no gluten, no dairy, no sugar diet. The weight just fell off, about 4-5lbs per week. My energy rebounded and I was able to do so much more during the day than I had for so many years previous. I’d love to do that again, but I know it’s not sustainable. With so many foods restricted, there aren’t many different flavored meals and having anything that’s restricted, even a small amount, ruins your weight loss for the week. Drinking a coffee or two during the week can also stall weight loss.

I’ve decided to try semaglutide (marketed for diabetes as Ozempic and as Wegovy for weight loss) to see if that could help me at all. I understand it’s a long-term “solution” and it goes hand-in-hand with healthy meals and exercise. I’m already boosting my veggie intake and getting more steps in. Cross your fingers for me!

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