Karmic Debt Number 14

What is a Karmic Debt Number?

For fun, I’ve been delving into numerology. Recently, I read that the experiences you have in your home can be predicted by your house number, so I quickly calculated my current house number. It totaled 14 – a karmic debt number. Apparently, karmic debt numbers are the most challenging numbers in numerology. said, “As it relates to your house address, a Karmic Debt Number can attract difficulties and painful lessons.” I laughed because I’ve had more challenges since moving here than I’m used to. I’ve actually thought to myself, “When am I going to get out of this crap cycle?!”

Karmic Debt Number 14

Reading further, explained, “Karmic debt number 14 is one of the most challenging numbers in the entire numerology system. People with this number tend to be introverted and they feel a very strong connection with other people. The problem is that they don’t always know how to communicate their feelings or needs in an appropriate way. They can also be overly sensitive and defensive when someone fails to understand them.”

You could certainly say that’s an adequate description of me. Anyone who knows me knows I’m introverted (I recharge by being on my own), I definitely feel a strong connection with certain others, and I also have a problem with communication. Speaking my mind is difficult for me. The irrational fear of abandonment is strong. I have no idea where I picked this up, but I’m working hard to correct it. also said “…a Karmic Debt number can help point you in the direction of self-improvement” and I’m hoping it helps.

Positive Address Numerology

I’ve been looking for a new place and was able to get an appointment this week to see a condo in Abbotsford. The numbers of the address equal 10 and reduces further to 1. According to “The vibration of a number 1 in Numerology is that of drive and ambition, making a 1 home number perfect for someone who wants to embrace their independent spirit. If you’re looking for the freedom to do what you want, say what you want, and be who you want, look for an address that adds up to 1!” This, apparently, is the perfect spot to heal my communication issues. Cross your fingers that I get it!

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