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    Ozempic Update: 15 lbs Down

    It’s been a month since I wrote about my journey with Ozempic and weight loss. In that month I’ve lost 15 lbs. I find Ozempic has taken my hunger away. I also get full faster, so I’m eating half of what I normally would during meals. I tend to have my decaf espresso in the morning with a 1/4 cup of 1% milk and that staves off any hunger from overnight, I try to eat something at lunch, an apple for my afternoon snack, and then something for dinner. I don’t always remember to eat, though. I just find I’m not hungry much of the time – to the extent…

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    On February 3rd of this year, 2023, I took my first dose of Ozempic for weight loss. I’ve had extra weight all my life. I remember being called “Biggest Ass in the Class” in elementary school. In a picture from our grade 7 dance I was kneeling in the front line and you could see that I had the widest knees in all my class. Everybody looked like twigs beside me. However, later on in high school (grade 10-12) I had a hard time eating enough and my weight fell to 92lbs and I felt unhealthy when it did. I just never remembered to eat until I started to feel…

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    Inching Towards Minimalism

    I’ve always been a shopper, there’s no hiding that, but I tend to buy new items faster than I can get rid of the old. Lately, it feels like the walls are closing in with how much old, unused stuff is hanging around and my anxiety has been through the roof. Recently, I stumbled on The Minimalists site and podcast and thought it must be an omen! I started digging into their ideas and feel like I might benefit from them. “We all need some material things, but minimalists actually get more value from their possessions because they own only things that add value to their lives. As a minimalist, everything you own…